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Each podcast is created to help you detox your mind and become irresistible online, to your audience, to your clients and to yourself. 

How to Plan Profitable AND Fun Virtual Events in 2021 and 2022

Are you thinking about planning your next virtual event for Fall or the Beginning of 2022?! 🤔 WE need to all make better events... SO in the intention of this, I want to help you make them better. Events, Virtual or not are by far the most used strategy for all the...

Episode 09 What’s Up With Your Attitude?

What's up with your attitude? So what's up with your attitude? Yeah, it's a real question I'm asking you because I have noticed that there is a lot of situations that are going around in this world and we, um, see the reactions of people on social media and we see...

Episode 08 The Key to Daily Breakthrough

The Key to Daily Breakthrough Having daily breakthrough is possible even when you feel you are completely stuck. I know how the struggle is so real. Mindlessly scrolling down social media thinking about creating content instead of doing it, watching other people have...

Become Attractive to Your Ideal Client

How to Become Attractive to Your Ideal Client? To become attractive to your ideal client takes work. This implies that we also need to already know who our ideal client is. We cannot attract someone we no nothing about. So start there. Figure out who your ideal client...

Who You Are Attracting To Your Business?

Who Are You Attracting to Your Business? We are building our businesses online and as a marketer, I know the importance of your avatar. Your avatar is that person that you are targeting and that you want in your business. That person who you want as a client or that...

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